Having been in the safe business for over 22 years, Winchester Safes has developed a proven product that any gun owner can feel safe with. The best of is that their biometric gun safe won’t break the bank, but will still be providing exceptional quality. One of said safes is the Winchester S23 Silverado.

To put the “quality at a reasonable price” into perspective, the S23 compares favorably to the AMSEC BF6032, but at almost $800 less and the Silverado comes with a better steel gauge and better fire protection. So if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, then keep reading on to see the rest of the features on the Winchester Silverado.

Body construction – 5/5 Rating

The Winchester S23 silverado safe’s design consists of 10 gauge steel as opposed to 12 gauge steel, which is a surprisingly huge upgrade from previous year’s models. At a massive 795 pounds, it would take up to four men to move it. It stands 60 inches tall, 30 inches wide with a depth of 25 inches.

It includes 12 individual one and a half inch diameter locking bolts that secure all four sides. It has the five point handle door compared to the three handle of former models. The door contains double hinges. The s23 is available in your choice of two different exterior colors consisting of Black Gloss or Granite Grey with corresponding interior color.

Design – 4.5/5 Rating

The safe is best organized with guns on the left, as it contains removable shelves on the right. These shelves allow ample storage for ammo, and any additional handguns leftover from the door organizer storage. After removal, the shelves reveal additional storage for long guns, however this safe was not designed with scopes in mind. The top cut out for long guns does not extend the full length of the lower barrel nests for fitment, meaning storage of long guns is limited to the middle sections. Also, it is extremely difficult to even get the long gun into this section, so having more than one may require a different safe. After removing all shelves, counting the door storage for handguns, there is no possible way of neatly storing 24 guns within this safe. So if more guns need storage while ease of removal and replacement of the gun is important, you may want to look to a larger safe. However, if only a few rifles are to be stored, this safe does provide an abundance of space in the remaining vertical shelving.