In thinking about which type of trampoline to purchase, you may want to consider a square trampoline. While there are three main shapes for your typical trampoline (Square trampoline, round/octagon trampoline, or rectangular trampoline), you will want to make sure you get the best rated trampoline that is right for you.

First and foremost – a square trampoline is not a rectangular trampoline. There are differences, and those differences can and will matter. Please, please, please, do not think that a rectangular trampoline is the same as a square trampoline. I know you may think that the difference is obvious, but I have seen many people confuse the two.

One of the main reasons to buy a square trampoline versus a circular trampoline or a rectangular trampoline is because you may need a square trampoline for your yard. Square trampolines are great in that they do not waste much space, and in some tight yards that may be the single most important reason to purchase a square trampoline.

Another reason to purchase a square trampoline is that you may not get the same vertical travel as you would with a rectangular tramp. The springs on a square tramp are made in a crisscross pattern, which results in a harder bounce because of the distance from the springs. This may sound bad, but if you think about it, it may be what you want if you don’t want your kids going quite as high. Of course, my disclaimer (you always have to have these now days)is that the amount of bounce and vertical travel will also depend very much, and in many cases more, on the actual trampoline brand, build, age, etc., and not just the shape.

I hope this helped you in your decision about purchasing a square trampoline. Remember that you can find some great deals on the net for square trampolines—just don’t forget to look!